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HuaQuan power generation unit used during the epidemic,Please do a good job in “5 + 5” protection measures


The epidemic is still going on. How can we ensure the safety of ourselves and the equipment when we use the generator set in this special period?  Hua Quan suggested that we do a good job in “5 + 5” protection measures.

What is the “5 + 5” protection measure? In fact, it is the general term of 5 measures for self-protection and 5 measures for unit protection.

Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Measures to ensure own safety

Wear protective measures such as masks and gloves, and keep a distance of 1-2m from others.

Operate according to the standard process of the HuaQuan generator set to ensure the air circulation in the working area.

Don’t touch the handrails and other public facilities, let alone rub your eyes directly.

Avoid chatting with people around you.

Disinfect hands with flowing water or hand sanitizer; Wipe the surface of start switch and handle with alcohol cotton to disinfect the power generation equipment.

Measures to ensure the safety of generator set equipment

Operators need to have certain professional skills and safety awareness.

Do a good job of inspection, timely replace antifreeze, engine oil, filter, etc.

After the generator set is started, it shall be operated for a period of time without load, and it is allowed to enter into normal operation after all parameters of the standby group reach the standard.

With the help of HUAQUAN Intelligent Cloud control system, real-time master the unit information, in case of emergency, emergency stop.

Operators shall keep a safe distance from live equipment and wear protective equipment.

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