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HuaQuan silent generator set


Green and environmental protection

With the improvement of modern life quality and the enhancement of environmental awareness. People pay more and more attention to the quiet and environmental protection characteristics of generator sets. HuaQuan self-developed ultra quiet environmental protection generator set. Adopt industry advanced technology. Create the ultimate experience of silence and environmental protection, and get wide praise from users.

HuaQuan power, on the basis of retaining the traditional mute technology, integrates the latest core technology, adopts nano level raw materials, upgrades and innovates the generator set from technology and material selection, and fully guarantees the mute effect of the generator set.

In terms of environmental protection, HuaQuan power controls from the source, equipped with engines produced by major domestic and foreign brands, such as Yuchai, Weichai, Shangchai, Cummins, Volvo, etc., all in line with the national environmental protection emission standards.

Source control is only the first step. In order to ensure the quiet and environmental protection effect of the generator set, HuaQuan power controls the manufacturing of generator set parts, assembly of the whole machine, system commissioning and other stages to achieve the whole process of product quality control.

In order to ensure the stable operation of HuaQuan silent environmental protection generator set in the actual operation process. We have specially developed huaquanyun intelligent control system. It can realize remote control unit, intelligent maintenance, GPS positioning, automatic start stop and other functions. In the case of a sudden interruption of the mains supply, it can be started automatically. The whole process does not need manual participation, saving time and labor, safe and reliable.

HuaQuan power focuses on the development and production of silent environmental protection generator set. Through the active introduction of advanced technology in the world, it effectively promotes the transformation of traditional industry to the direction of intelligence, provides people with sufficient power, creates a quiet environmental protection living environment for people, and makes contributions to protect our blue sky and white clouds.

HuaQuan, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is the power overall solution expert around you.

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