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Idle diesel generator sets should be stored in this way


Diesel generator set as a common power generation equipment. It has brought many conveniences to all walks of life. Many users use diesel generator set as standby power supply. The unit has been idle for a long time. When the diesel generator set is not in use. What should be paid attention to when the generator set is stored? Today, we will follow the manufacturer of HuaQuan diesel generator set to understand:

1. For diesel generator set which is not used for a long time.

After the last use. The circuit breaker should be closed and the fuel should be drained. Remove the dirt on the surface of diesel generator set. Clean the inside of the unit with compressed air. Put desiccant on the surface of the motor. The air inlet should be closed tightly.

Drain the engine oil from the mechanical filter and air filter. Inject 100 ~ 200g oil into each cylinder from exhaust manifold. Turn the crankshaft dozens of times. So that the oil is evenly distributed in the cylinder. And make the piston in compression TDC.

Remove the valve cover and lubricate the valve structure with dehydrated oil. Seal the exhaust port, air filter, vent of fuel tank and smoke vent of low temperature start device with oil paper.

Clean the metal surfaces of diesel engine, generator, coupling port, underframe and all parts, tools and accessories of generator with detergent. Butter where necessary. Crank the crankshaft 1 ~ 2 times a month. After each rotation, the piston should be at the compression TDC.

2. Diesel generator set that will not be used in a short period of time.

During storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel in the diesel engine. Place in a dry place away from fire. Cover the surface with cloth. The second is to rotate the crankshaft at regular intervals.

After the user purchases the diesel generator set. If you can’t use it in a short time. When storing, please refer to the above contents mentioned by HuaQuan unit manufacturer. Pay more attention to the unit storage. Do the correct operation. To ensure the performance of the unit and prevent the unit from being corroded.

HuaQuan, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is the power overall solution expert around you.

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