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If yuchai electric generating set is not maintained in time, these 3 kinds of harms will be produced


Huayuan Yuchai power generation unit, as a high-end intelligent power generation equipment integrating appearance and strength, occupies an important position in the market application and is deeply loved by customers. However, if the generator set is not maintained in time, it will produce these three hazards.

  1. The danger of not replacing oil in time

The oil has a certain retention period, if stored for a long time, its physical and chemical properties will change, leading to deterioration of the lubrication condition of the unit, easy to cause damage to the unit parts.

  1. Harm of “three filters” not being replaced in time

The main function of filter is to prevent impurities in fuel, oil and air from entering the body and keep the generator set in clean operation. If it cannot be replaced in time, the oil or impurities attached to it will affect its filtration capacity. Such a long time will also block the oil road, causing the generator set “shock”.

  1. Damage to the lubrication system and seals if they are not replaced in time

Not replacing these components in time will not only reduce the lubrication effect of the unit, but also aggravate the damage of parts.

We hope that in the future use of yuchai generator set process, according to the standard maintenance.

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