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In the hot summer, you can use these six methods to “cool down” the generator set


The high temperature environment in summer is a challenge to the normal operation of the generator set. In order to make the unit “cool in summer” and stable power supply. Hua Quan suggested that you remember these measures. It can effectively control the temperature of the generator set.

1. Equipped with standard cooling system

The cooling system of generator set generally includes water pump, radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, water pipe, etc. In order to ensure the normal operation of the generator set. Cooling system in accordance with national standards is required. Use high quality coolant with anti-corrosion, anti boiling and waterproof scale.

2. Keep the cooling system clean

Keep the cooling system clean. It can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the generator set. Provide a good operating environment for the generator set. Let’s take the radiator as an example. If the outside of the radiator is stained with mud, oil or the radiator is deformed due to collision. The cooling effect of the generator set will be affected. If this is found during use. It shall be cleaned or repaired in time.

3. Keep enough coolant

When the generator set is cold. The coolant level should be between the maximum and minimum marks on the tank. It cannot be too high or too low. Otherwise, it will affect the cooling effect of the generator set.

4. Keep the tension of fan belt moderate

If the fan tape is too loose, the water pump speed will be too low. It will affect the circulation of coolant and accelerate the abrasion of adhesive tape. If the tape is too tight, the water pump bearing will be worn. Therefore, the fan tape should be kept tight. At the same time, it should not be stained with oil.

5. Avoid overload of generator set

If the generator is overloaded for a long time. It will cause poor cooling effect of coolant. The temperature of the generator set is too high, which affects the normal use.

6. Ensure good ventilation in the machine room

In order to ensure the normal operation of the generator set. Good ventilation is required. In particular, ensure that the air exhaust and smoke exhaust of the water tank are in good condition. At the same time, the floor of the machine room shall be kept clean.

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