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In this way, the workers of the Huachun generator unit deliver electricity to the snowy plateau


Huachuan staff is commissioning the generator set for customers in Yecheng County, Xinjiang province. No fear of flying sand and stone, Hua Quan for customers seriously protect electricity.

Located in the Snowy Mountains of the Pamir Plateau, with an average elevation of about 4,000 meters, the area has for decades relied on seasonal small hydropower plants and simple solar panels scattered on the roofs of herders’ homes. Due to limited power, it is difficult for local people to use basic household appliances such as TELEVISIONS and washing machines. In order to ensure their own production and living electricity, the customer chose huaquan plateau special generator set.

With the advantages of high durability, high economy, high environmental protection and high cold resistance, Huaquan plateau special generator set is deeply trusted by customers and plays an important role in solving the power consumption problems of plateau customers.

It is much more difficult to install and adjust the generator set in the plateau area than in the plain. The staff should have strong strain capacity and be able to solve the problems in time. The person in charge of the project said that the installation and commissioning of the project should be completed on time. No matter how hard, tiring and difficult it may be, we will make great efforts to complete the work satisfactorily, safely and with both quality and quantity.

Huachuang staff installed and adjusted the generator set on the snowy plateau, sending not only electricity, but also warmth and hope. Salute to our workers!

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