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Industry alliance


Dear leaders,

Welcome to the exhibition hall of China Whole Industry Alliance!

To further implement the “made in China 2025”, to promote weifang depth of fusion of industrialization and information, promoting the manufacture level of intelligence, the overall advantages of weifang intelligent manufacture industry, China built the industry alliance of wanda group exhibition hall, mainly for electric power equipment, on the basis of intelligent manufacturing, create galleries throughout the industrial chain of high-end intelligent manufacturing focus.

Those who can enter the exhibition hall of the industrial alliance are those who have outstanding achievements in intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad, mainly including enterprise users, suppliers and other cooperative units. Through centralized display, the advantages of industrial cluster are formed, and the transformation of old and new driving forces is continuously promoted to achieve high-quality and rapid development.

China plans to invite all huawei, phoenix electric, RON artest and other famous enterprises, focusing on the advanced achievements of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, such as intelligent factory, south red artest efficient solar cells after power intelligent digital equipment factory, saic passenger car ningde factory, ningbo sheng electronic factory, sharing equipment, such as 3 d printing intelligent forming plant form industrial alliance intelligence advantage, promote industrial synergy to a higher level.

China will jointly all relevant enterprises to strengthen the construction of the emergency system, close communication with the public security, emergency, fire and other governmental departments, pay close attention to public opinion disposal and information disclosure, ensure the sudden incident, immediately start emergency response, ensure that power equipment, water pumps and other emergency supplies plentiful and strict storage, maintenance, test, the use of the whole process control, to ensure that critical time play an important role.

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