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It’s getting hotter and hotter. Pay attention to these during the maintenance of HuaQuan generator set!


Recently, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and many places are accompanied by rain weather, which has some adverse effects on the normal operation of the generator set. In order to ensure the normal operation of the generator set, correct maintenance is essential.

Next, HuaQuan compiled some methods for you to maintain the generator set in high temperature weather, hoping to help you.

The high temperature weather and the heat generated during the operation of the generator set may cause the unit to fail due to the high temperature. Therefore, the working environment must be well ventilated, and the ventilation pipes must be cleaned frequently to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by dust accumulation.

At the same time, we should avoid the exposure of the generator set in high temperature weather, which will accelerate the aging of key components of the unit and affect the service life of the unit. To avoid this phenomenon, we can add a rainproof shed or a static speaker to the generator set.

A good generator set also needs to have a good habit of operation and maintenance, so as to make the generator set work normally at the critical moment. The maintenance requirements for the generator set are different in different seasons. I hope you can learn and master these contents in practice.

HuaQuan, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is the power overall solution expert around you.

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