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Large – flow double – suction open pump unit is equipped with Weichai Third engine


Recently, another batch of flood control materials produced by Huaquan – 120KW mobile trailer dual suction open pump unit delivered on time. Please see the detailed configuration of the unit below

Introduction to the configuration of the 120KW mobile trailer large-flow dual suction open water pump unit

Huachuan’s large-flow double suction and open water pump unit is equipped with Weichai Three series engines, model WP6D132E310, which meet the non-road national Three emission standards. The pump head adopts Shanghai double suction open pump, the pump model is DFSS500-26/6B, the flow rate is 1800m /h, the head is 10m, the inlet is 500mm, the outlet is 400mm, the transmission is hangzhou gearbox transmission.

The pump adopts vacuum pump feeding system to transport the medium with the temperature not higher than 80℃. It is mainly used in power station, tap water, municipal administration, water conservancy and other industries to transport clean water or other medium with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water

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