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Leaders of the provincial Development and Reform Commission visited huachun Digital factory to investigate the resumption of work and production and the progress of the project


In the middle of February, the project of Shandong Hua Full-Power Digital Factory was successfully selected as the first batch of selected projects for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong province in 2020. On the morning of March 1, Song, director of the provincial Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by Huang, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wang, director of the economic zone and other leaders, visited the Huaquan Digital Factory to investigate the progress of the enterprise’s projects under the epidemic situation. Zhao Lizeng, general manager of Huaquan, and related technical backbone personnel received him.

Accompanied by Zhao Lizeng, the leaders of the provincial Development and Reform Commission visited the Huaquan digital factory. During the visit, Zhao Lizeng briefed the leaders in the exhibition hall of the industry Alliance on coVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures, the construction of the digital factory in China, the development history and honor of the enterprise.

Zhao lizeng said that in the face of the epidemic situation, the company has always given top priority to safety in all production, operation and series of work, and will continue to innovate and improve service quality, so as to better and more widely apply the intelligent and environmental protection power generation equipment in life, medical and other fields.

At present, Huachun intelligent and environmentally friendly power generation equipment has been used in hundreds of hospitals. In case of power interruption, it can provide uninterrupted power supply to hospitals, so as to ensure the safety of power used in hospitals and make its own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

After hearing the report, provincial and municipal leaders highly recognized the company’s epidemic prevention measures, operation status and digital factory project, and placed high expectations on the company’s future development. They hoped that the company would continue to steadily promote the construction of digital factory project and accelerate the pace of the conversion of old and new growth drivers.

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