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Maintenance of air filter and driving belt of diesel generator set


1. The maintenance of air filter is mainly to clean or replace the air filter element

①Remove the end cover and remove the dust in thedisk.

② Remove the outer filter element. Check for damage. Whether the rubber gasket is firmly bonded. Whether the metal end cover is firmly bonded with the paper core. Whether there are cracks in the metal end cover.

③ Check whether the sealing ring at the bottom of the filter housing is in good condition.

④ Gently tap the end face of the filter element on the flat plate. Blow from inside to outside with compressed air not exceeding 689kPa.

⑤ Replace the cleaned outer filter element or new filter element.

⑥ The nut fixing the filter element should be properly tightened. Do not over tighten to avoid deformation and degumming of end cover.

⑦ Do not forget to install the rotary vane cover during assembly.

⑧ Remove the dust from the filter element. Do not brush with water or oil.

⑨ Generally, the inner filter element does not need to be cleaned until it is replaced.

2. Maintenance of drive belt

When the engine is working. The belt should be kept under a certain degree of tension. Under normal conditions. Apply 29-49n pressure to the middle section of rubber drive belt. The tape should be able to press down for a distance of 10-20 mm.

If the drive belt is too tight. The bearing wear on the charging generator, fan and water pump will be intensified. If the belt is too loose. Will make the driven accessories can not reach the required speed. This causes the voltage of the charging generator to drop. The air volume of the fan and the flow rate of the water pump are reduced. This will affect the normal operation of diesel engine. Therefore, the belt tension should be checked and adjusted regularly.

Adjust the tension of the engine rubber belt. It can be adjusted by changing the bracket position of charging generator. When the rubber belt tightness is appropriate. Secure the support brace. Use the tensioning rubber belt correctly. It can prolong the service life. When the rubber band appears peeling and delamination and the elongation is too large. If the specified tension cannot be reached, it shall be replaced immediately. The model and length of the new belt are the same as those of the original rubber belt.

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