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Maintenance of low pressure oil circuit of 100 kW diesel engine water pump


The water pump of 100 kW drainage diesel engine is used to generate the injection pressure of fuel injector (or injector). For the engine with electronic control fuel injection system of unit pump, if there are several cylinders, there are several unit pumps. Unit pump is the second generation of electronically controlled fuel injection system. According to the different high pressure generating device. The fuel injection system can be divided into distribution pump, in-line pump, pump nozzle and unit pump electronic fuel injection system. The unit pump oil supply system of diesel engine is one of the latest technologies of diesel engine. After adopting the unit pump oil supply system, not only the dynamic performance and economic performance index of diesel engine can be improved. Moreover, the emission standard of diesel engine can reach Euro III or even higher.

1. The composition of pump fuel system of 100 kW diesel engine. The fuel comes out of the fuel tank 1 and enters the diesel filter 5 through the diesel pump 3. Enter the low pressure fuel chamber cast in the tank. There are two sets of pressure systems of 0.3MPa and 0.5MPa.

2. Repair and maintenance of low pressure oil circuit.

1) Low pressure oil circuit pressure detection. The stability of pressure in the low pressure oil circuit is very important to the power output of diesel engine. In case of insufficient power of diesel engine, check (measure) the pressure of low pressure oil circuit controlled by pressure limiting valve 11. The main reason of fuel injector leakage is that the low-pressure oil circuit pressure is insufficient, which leads to the cavitation of injector coupling parts. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit and replace or clean the diesel filter in time. Low pressure oil circuit pressure measurement. Pressure limit value of low pressure oil circuit: 0.3MPa. Since the unit pump system has high requirements for fuel preloading, it is necessary to detect the pressure of the fuel system. If the measured pressure is lower than the above specified value, it is necessary to check the oil delivery pump and return check valve.

2) Oil pump flow inspection. The function of the fuel transfer pump is not only to supply oil to the fuel injection pump. Another function is to cool the fuel system. Therefore, the fuel supply of the oil delivery pump is far greater than that of the fuel injection pump. This machine adopts the rotor type oil pump without diaphragm, and the oil supply quantity is 12L / min when the oil supply pressure is 0.5MPa. In order to confirm the oil supply quantity, at the oil return pipe (the oil pipe behind the oil return single valve). When the engine is in the maximum idling, the return oil quantity should be at least 8L / min. If the fuel quantity is lower than this value, the oil transfer pump must be replaced.

3) Check the oil return check valve. The function of return check valve is to establish a minimum guarantee pressure in the low-pressure oil circuit to meet the requirements of instantaneous fuel supply of fuel injection pump. If the detected pressure is lower than the above value, confirm that there is no problem with the oil delivery pump. This return check valve needs to be replaced. Attention: the low pressure oil circuit pressure of monomer pump is high. The traditional return check valve of oil supply system may not meet the demand of pressure building. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special unit pump fuel system return check valve.

4) Repair and maintenance of governor. The function of the governor is to change the load of the diesel engine. Automatically change the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump. So as to maintain the stable operation of diesel engine. Bfm1013 engine has mechanical speed control system or EMR electronic control speed control system. In addition, there are MVs electronic control unit pump system. gh.

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