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Maintenance of lubricating system of diesel generator set


Dilution of lubricating oil can cause engine damage. Check whether the used lubricating oil has the following conditions: fuel + lubricating oil; water + lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil is diluted, the cause should be thoroughly investigated. Otherwise, the engine will be seriously damaged.

Change the oil

 Warm up the engine before changing the oil.

Screw the drain plug and put the waste oil into a container larger than 20L. Waste oil should be treated in a centralized way to avoid pollution.

Observe whether the oil is diluted and emulsified, and whether there are metal objects at the bottom of the container.

Tighten the drain plug [plug torque (75 ± 7) N.m].

Add clean oil that meets the requirements. The oil capacity is 16.4l.

Run the engine for a few minutes and stop for 5 minutes. Check the oil level with the oil gauge.

Change oil filter

Remove the filter with a special removal filter wrench.

Clean the mating surface of the filter base.

Check whether the filter element to be replaced is in good condition. If it is damaged, do not use it.

Top up with clean oil. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the added oil, because some of the oil does not directly enter the main oil passage through the filter element, and the unclean oil will do great harm to the engine.

The filter of six cylinder engine is different from that of four cylinder engine. The filter of four cylinder engine is shorter. Do not install it wrong.

Lubricate the sealing ring surface.

Install the filter by hand, and then turn 3 / 4 turn after the seal ring contacts (pay attention not to tighten the filter too tightly with a wrench, too tight will damage the seal ring).

Run the engine and check for oil leakage.

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