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More and more hot weather, generator set maintenance to pay attention to these!


The recent increase in temperature and rain weather in many places has had some adverse effects on the normal operation of the generator set. Proper maintenance is essential for the normal operation of the generator set.

Below, Huazhong small series for you to sort out some of the high temperature weather maintenance of the generator set method, hope to help you.

The high temperature weather and the heat generated when the generator set works may cause the failure of the unit due to high temperature. Therefore, the working environment must be well ventilated and the ventilation duct should be cleaned frequently to prevent the accumulation of dust from causing unnecessary trouble.

At the same time, we also want to avoid the generator set in the hot weather exposure, which will accelerate the aging of key components of the unit, affecting the service life of the unit. To avoid this phenomenon, we can add an awning or static speaker to the generator set.

A good generator set also needs to have a good operation and maintenance habits, so that the generator set in the critical moment of normal operation. Different seasons for the generator set maintenance requirements are not the same, I hope you learn and master these contents in practice.

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