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Necessity of application of diesel generator in aquaculture


The summer is coming step by step, and the management of the fish farming industry should also keep up with it. Generally, the requirement of electric power for fish pond culture is relatively large. The management of fish ponds is also complicated. One of the more important points is the problem of oxygen in fish. Especially in the sultry summer. Fish need more oxygen. In order to avoid our farmers causing major economic losses. HuaQuan power will generally recommend the use of diesel generators for aquaculture industry.

Many farmers have no contact with this area, so they are confused. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing diesel generator in aquaculture industry?

Considering the sudden power outage. We farmers can’t stay in the fish pond all the time. In order to avoid the loss caused by sudden power failure. HuaQuan will generally suggest that we use automatic breeding diesel generator. What are its advantages?

1. It can maintain the continuity and reliability of power supply. The automatic control system of breeding diesel generator set can adjust the operation of diesel generator set accurately and rapidly. When the generator set is in abnormal condition. The automatic control system can judge and deal with it in time. Send out corresponding alarm signal and emergency stop. Avoid damaging the generator set. At the same time, it can start the standby generator set automatically. It can shorten the power grid outage time and ensure the continuity of power supply.

2. Improve power quality index and operation economy. And make the electrical equipment in good working condition. The frequency and voltage of electric energy are required by electrical equipment. The allowable deviation range is very small. The voltage regulator keeps the voltage constant automatically. Operate the governor to adjust the frequency. Automatic aquaculture diesel power station relies on automatic regulating device to complete the regulation of frequency and useful power.

3. Speed up the control and operation process, improve the continuity and stability of the system. After realizing the automation of diesel power station. It can change the operation status and adapt to the system requirements in time. The operation process of the unit is carried out continuously according to the predetermined sequence. And can continuously monitor the completion of the situation. Take emergency start generator set as an example. If manual operation is used, the fastest time is 5-7 minutes. If you take automatic control. Usually it takes less than 10 seconds to start successfully and restore power.

4. Reduce operating energy and improve working conditions. The environment condition of the computer room is very bad. Affect the health of operators. The automatic control system creates conditions for unattended operation.

The automatic diesel generator can start and stop automatically. HuaQuan power innovates HuaQuan cloud and binds users’ mobile phones so that users are not in the fish pond. A few smart phones can monitor the whole operation state of the fish pond and grasp the overall situation.

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