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Notes on operation of biogas generator set


1. Operators should be familiar with the relevant provisions in the operation manual of biogas generator set. Ensure the quality of power generation (voltage, frequency). And start the biogas generating set according to its operation procedure.

2. The operator must check the intake pipe of biogas generator set frequently. Biogas leakage and excessive condensate water affect the gas supply.

3. Biogas generator unit should be inspected frequently when it is working. Check the operation of biogas generator set. Any problem found shall be adjusted or reported to relevant leaders in time.

4. The biogas generating set is in operation. Operators should keep abreast of load changes at all times. The maximum load of biogas generating set should be limited.

5. The filter device of biogas generating set should be cleaned regularly.

6. The biogas inlet pressure of biogas generator set shall not be lower than 1.8kpa.

7. Record the operation time, biogas consumption and output power of biogas generator set.

8. When biogas generator set is started or stopped, the valve shall be opened and closed according to the operation regulations. Ensure that the pressure in the biogas pipeline is always positive.

9. The opening and closing state of biogas pipeline valve of biogas generator set. There should be obvious identification.

In view of the broad development prospects of biogas power generation. HuaQuan power has developed a series of biogas generating sets with different specifications according to the market demand.

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