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Precautions for using diesel generator set in plateau area


The use of diesel engine in plateau area is different from that in plain area. It brings some changes to the performance and use of diesel engine. The following points should be paid attention to when using diesel engine in plateau area.

1. Generator set with exhaust gas turbocharging

Because of the low air pressure in the plateau area, the air is thin and contains less oxygen. Especially for naturally aspirated diesel engines. The combustion conditions become worse due to insufficient air intake. So that the diesel engine can not produce the original specified rated power. Even if the basic structure of the diesel engine is the same. However, the rated power of each diesel engine is different. So their ability to work on the plateau is different.

Considering the tendency of ignition delay at high altitude. In order to improve the operation economy of diesel engine. Generally, it is recommended that the fuel supply advance angle of naturally aspirated diesel engine should be properly advanced. As the altitude increases, the power performance decreases and the exhaust temperature increases. Therefore, the user should also consider its plateau working ability when choosing diesel engine. Strictly avoid overload operation.

According to the test in recent years, the diesel engine used in plateau area is proved. The method of exhaust gas turbocharging can be used as the power compensation of plateau. The exhaust gas turbocharging can not only make up for the shortage of plateau power. It can also improve smoke color, restore power performance and reduce fuel consumption.

diesel generator set

2. Installation of auxiliary equipment for low temperature start of generator set

With the increase of altitude, the ambient temperature is lower than that of plain area. Generally, for every 100m increase, the ambient temperature will decrease about 0.6 ℃, and the plateau air will be thin. Therefore, the starting performance of diesel engine is worse than that of plain area. When in use, auxiliary starting measures corresponding to low-temperature starting shall be taken.

3. Adopt pressurized closed cooling system

The boiling point of water decreases with the increase of altitude. At the same time, the air pressure and the quality of cooling air are reduced. And the increase of heat dissipation per kilowatt in unit time. Therefore, the cooling conditions of the cooling system are worse than that of the plain. In general, open cooling cycle is not suitable for high altitude areas, but pressurized closed cooling system can be used. In order to improve the boiling point of the coolant when it is used in the plateau.

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