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The advantages of our generator
Generator advantages:
★ The diesel generator set has a low fuel consumption of 60 kilowatts, strong overload capacity, and good transient speed regulation.
★ Turbocharging: Improve fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions, and increase engine power.
★ Automatic voltage regulation: To prevent the generator voltage from being too high or too low to cause malfunction of the electrical equipment and damage to the battery.
★ Huaquan all-copper brushless motor, mechanical speed regulation: simple operation and easy to use.
60KW Weifang series diesel generating set technical specifications
Technical parameters of generator set:
Unit model: HQ60GF Steady state voltage adjustment rate (%): ≤± 1
Output power: 60Kw Voltage fluctuation rate (%): ≤ ± 0.5
Power factor: COSΦ = 0.8 (lagging) Transient voltage adjustment rate (%): + 20 ~ -15
Output voltage: 400V / 230V Voltage stabilization time (s): ≤1
Output current: 108A Steady state frequency adjustment rate (%): ≤ ± 1
Rated frequency: 50Hz Frequency fluctuation rate (%): ≤ ± 0.5
Rated speed: 1500rpm Transient frequency adjustment rate (%): + 10 ~ -7
Fuel grade: (standard) 0 # light diesel (normal temperature) Frequency stabilization time (S): ≤3
Dimensions: 1800×750×1300(L×W×H mm) Fuel consumption (100% load): 218g/kW·h
Weight 800kg Acoustic noise (LP7m): 105dB(A)
Technical parameters of diesel engine:
Brand/origin: Weifang Diesel Engine Cooling method: closed water circulation cooling
model: R4105ZD Oil supply method: direct injection
Number of cylinders / Dare to mention structure: 4 / L Type Speed regulation method: Mechanical
Bore stroke: 105×125 mm Intake method: Turbo
Compression ratio: 19.0: 1 Overload capacity: 110%
Start mode: DC 24V Electric start Speed: 1500rpm
Technical parameters of generator:
Brand: Huaquan Copper Brushless Motor Protection level: IP22
Model: HQF-SPR60 Wiring mode: Three-phase four-wire, Y-connection
Rated power: 60kW Adjustment method: AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Rated voltage: 400V / 230V Output frequency: 50Hz
Insulation class: H class Output factor: COSΦ = 0.8 (lag)
The standard configuration of the generator set is as follows:
ØDirect injection internal combustion engine (diesel);
Ø AC synchronous generator (single bearing);
ØSuitable for ambient temperature 40 ℃ -50 ℃ radiator water tank, belt driven cooling fan, fan safety shield;
Ø Power generation output air switch, standard control screen;
Ø Unit steel common base (including: unit vibration damping rubber pad);
Ø Dry air filter, fuel oil, lubricating oil filter, start motor, and equipped with self-charging generator;
Ø Random information: original technical documents of diesel engines and generators, instructions for generator sets, test reports, etc.
1.What’s your power range of Generators?
Answer:  We can offer the range from 10kva~1000kva.
2.What’s your delivery time?
Answer:  Generally,we can delivery in 7 days after we get the deposit.
3.What are the payment methods for buying equipment?
1、We accept T/T ,and 30% as the deposit,the balance payment should be paid before shipping.
2、We accept Alibaba credit guarantee payment.
3、We accept bank wire payment.
4.What’s your warranty?
Answer:  All our products we offer on year warranty.
5.What’s your MOQ?
Answer:We accept the MOQ  is 1 set.
Company qualification
National High-Tech Enterprise China Shandong High-end Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise
Shandong Weifang Patent Award China Shandong Quality Brand Enterprise Preferred enterprise for major projects in Shandong Province, China in 2020
EU CE certification National highest credit AAA level ISO9001 national quality system certification
National business license




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