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Race against time, race against wind and rain! 200 kW emergency generator set originated in Guangxi


On June 25, there was a downpour in Guangxi. The weather observatory of the coastal city Of Qinzhou issued a red alert for heavy rain on the morning of the same day. The heaviest rain fell in the surrounding areas of Qinzhou city and towns in the west of the city. Local authorities have issued early warnings to the public about geological disasters caused by mountain torches and risks of urban and rural waterlogging, and organized workers to take to the streets to set up cordons and deploy defense and identification equipment to ensure people’s travel safety.

In response to this situation, Huachun immediately launched the emergency flood control plan, organized the staff to arrange production for guangxi customers first, and actively coordinated the logistics department to ensure that the 200 kW emergency flood control generator set could reach the customers in the fastest time.

This 200 kW emergency flood control generator set is tailor-made by the company for customers. It has the advantages of stable operation, sufficient power supply, intelligent environmental protection, etc. At the same time, it is equipped with patented static speaker and mobile trailer, etc., to ensure that the generator set can provide users with sufficient power anytime and anywhere.

After years of development, Huachuangquan has established a complete set of emergency flood control products, including generator sets, lithium battery energy storage equipment and water pump sets, etc., so that customers can one-stop purchase of flood control materials, creating a convenient and fast procurement experience.

Choose Hua quan, free from flood!

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