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Safeguard the college entrance examination electricity, China all double efforts!


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year has had a huge impact on all aspects of the economy and society, making this year’s gaokao and gaokao examinees even more challenging.

In order to ensure the safety of campus electricity during the college entrance examination, China Full Power has carried out overhaul and maintenance of the generator set of the school through various ways “online and offline”, and sent special personnel to the school according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the normal power supply of the school throughout the whole process.

The staff of Huachun Power mainly checked the oil, movement and air filter of the generator set, operated the machine and checked the running state and various data of the generator set. Professional test found that the unit is running normally.

In the face of the college entrance examination electricity security, All the efforts. Students, feel at ease to take the exam, behind us!

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