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Save money and be green! Huaquan biogas generating unit to help a better life


Biogas power generation technology has been fully paid attention to and widely used in many countries, such as the energy farm in the United States, the Sunlight project in Japan, the Green energy in the Netherlands and so on. Germany is currently one of the most successful countries in the development of biogas projects in the world, most of the biogas projects to achieve power generation online, 98% of the biogas projects are cogeneration projects, power generation waste heat used for biogas digester heating.

From the perspective of China’s biogas production potential, power generation technology level, market demand and policy-oriented development trend, biogas power generation industry has a broad development prospect.

The introduction of biogas power generation technology in biogas project not only extends the industrial chain and improves the overall technical level of biogas project, but also brings certain financial returns through internal digestion of biogas power. The mode of “breeding – biogas – power supply and marsh electricity” solves the outlet problem of pollutants in farms, realizes the resource utilization of wastes, improves the level of resource recycling and protects the ecological environment.

Biogas power generation has expanded the use of biogas, it will directly convert biogas into electricity, not only solve the problem of farm electricity, but also can consume a large number of remaining biogas, to avoid the methane exhaust caused by secondary pollution. Under the new situation, the mode of “breeding – biogas – power supply and power generation” in small and medium-sized farms has important meaning to promote regional economic cycle development and protect ecological environment

Huaquan biogas generator unit adopts engines of well-known brands at home and abroad (such as Yuchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Volvo, etc.), adopts imported sensors, carries Huaquan cloud intelligent control system, and has the advantages of strong power, stable power supply, intelligent environmental protection, saving safety and so on. Huachun biogas generating unit, for you to contribute clean energy, save operating costs, help a better life.

China as a national high-tech enterprises, the national intellectual property advantage enterprises, shandong gazelle, high-end equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises, weifang, shandong province, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, weifang benchmarking intelligent manufacturing model enterprise “, “advanced enterprise of weifang economic development zone, is a based on the traditional manufacturing industry upgrade of informatization and industrialization fusion modern enterprise!

Huaquan, focusing on the r&d and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is an expert of overall power solutions around you.

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