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Some problems needing attention when water pump of 55 kW flood resistant diesel engine encounters failure


1、 Only replace the plunger and nozzle, ignore the technical status of the oil delivery valve. The residual pressure of high pressure oil pipe will be too high after the oil outlet valve is worn. Cause the fuel injection nozzle to cut off the fuel not simply and drip oil. The diesel engine exhaust smoke, knock cylinder, unstable operation. The method is to check the oil outlet valve. Use 0-600 kg / cm2 pressure gauge to test. When the needle drops from 200kg to 180kg / cm2, the pressure holding time should be greater than 15s, otherwise the oil outlet valve should be replaced. Or put the high-pressure oil pipe port upward, pump out the diesel oil, make the oil level flush with the pipe orifice, and put the throttle back to the stop supply position. If the driving wheel is reversed for half a circle, the diesel oil at the high-pressure oil pipe port is not reversed, it is qualified. Otherwise, replace the oil outlet valve.

2、 Only adjust valve clearance and ignore valve timing. Most people just adjust the valve clearance according to the manual. The valve timing is ignored. Especially for the aging machine, the geometry changes after the cam is worn. As a result, the valve will open late and close early, resulting in insufficient intake, dirty exhaust, increased fuel consumption and reduced power. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the valve clearance according to the engine conditions. The valve clearance should be reduced to compensate for the valve timing error. For example, for S195 diesel engine, the valve timing changes 3 degrees when the valve clearance decreases by 0.1 mm. However, the valve clearance should not be less than 0.2mm, otherwise the valve will not be closed tightly due to expansion. If the valve clearance is 0.2 mm, and the valve timing error is still more than 5 degrees. If the working condition of diesel engine deteriorates obviously, the camshaft should be replaced.