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Special diesel generator set for farm


With the changes of the times, the traditional old-fashioned breeding methods have been gradually eliminated. Now it is the time to develop new-type breeding and environmental protection breeding.

The farm needs cooling device when it is hot in summer and heating device when it is cold in winter. It is the peak season of power consumption in the breeding industry and the season of frequent accidents. Once the power is cut off, the losses caused are immeasurable. The generator set for animal husbandry, aquaculture and poultry breeding is absolutely necessary.

Based on the characteristics of power generation units for aquaculture, HuaQuan has built high-end power generation units equipped with cloud platform intelligent control system to protect farmers, realize intelligent aquaculture and strangle accidents in the cradle.

Huaquanyun platform can remotely manage the generator set, remote switch unit and emergency start to ensure power consumption through computers and mobile phones. HuaQuan technical personnel can understand the use status of the generator set, and ensure that the unit can obtain timely and convenient maintenance services. Monitor the temperature, oil pressure, fuel oil level, battery voltage, cumulative operation time of the generator set in real time to reduce the cost of manual management.

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