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Strive for “new infrastructure” to boost industrial transformation


— Continuous progress was made in the construction of Huaquan digital factory

Since the beginning of this year, Shandong Hua Quan Power Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Hua Quan Power”) has firmly grasped the national major strategic opportunities and paid attention to the driving role of new infrastructure construction in the industrial layout. New infrastructure projects represented by digital factories are speeding up the layout.

The construction of The “digital factory” was launched in August last year, and this year it was selected as one of the first batch of preferred projects in 2020 in Shandong Province for the conversion of old and new driving forces. The project focuses on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with new infrastructure as its connotation. Through the active application of big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, the company’s annual main business income has reached 200 million yuan.

China full power as a national high and new technology enterprise, the national intellectual property advantages, gazelle enterprise in shandong province, shandong high-end equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises, weifang intelligent manufacturing enterprises, weifang benchmarking intelligent manufacturing model enterprise “, “advanced enterprise of weifang economic development zone, focus on intelligent power equipment and mobile storage devices, is a based on the traditional manufacturing industry upgrade of informatization and industrialization fusion modern enterprise.

Aiming at the frontier science and technology is the key to form the core competitiveness and high added value of enterprises. In order to better serve customers, Huachun Fully Power has developed Huachun Cloud platform, which connects the equipment to the wireless network through the wireless transmission module installed on the equipment, and USES the wireless transmission technology to access the cloud service platform to realize the interconnection of the cloud.

Full power in the next step of work, China will continue to build around “digital factory”, actively introduce industrial welding robot, logistics transport AGV, automatic spraying line, surrounded by all the automation equipment such as CNC laser cutting machine, and based on MES (manufacturing execution system), ERP (enterprise resource planning system) system, PLM (product lifecycle management system), and other information systems, with the data center as the core, the key to realize product design, research and development, management, information systems, logistics, transportation and industrial equipment of connectivity, and other functions.

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