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Summer heat, Cummins generator set these six taboos do not touch!


In summer, high temperature weather becomes normal, and the number of electric equipment increases correspondingly. When using Cummins generator set, HuaQuan suggests you never touch these six taboos!

01 Do not follow the standard process

When using Cummins generator set, if we neglect the standard and operate in violation of the regulations, it will cause great potential safety hazards and serious accidents.

02 Unit operation environment not up to standard

It is hot and rainy in summer, so it is necessary to provide a dry, ventilated, clean and sanitary working environment for the operation of the generator set to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

03 Long time continuous start

If Cummins generator starts continuously for a long time, the battery will be damaged. If it fails to start at one time, it should be started again every few seconds.

04 Starts at high speed

When the diesel engine is just started, it runs at high speed, which is easy to cause sharp wear of all moving parts, and in serious cases, bearing burning and axle holding will occur.

05 Add oil directly to the cylinder

Adding engine oil into the cylinder can increase the temperature and pressure of the seal, which is convenient for the cold start of the diesel engine. However, the engine oil can not burn completely, and it is easy to produce carbon deposition, which weakens the elasticity of the piston ring and reduces the sealing performance of the cylinder. In addition, this will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, making it more difficult for the whole engine to start, so the engine oil can not be directly added to the cylinder.

06 Untimely maintenance

In general, the standby emergency generator set will be started only when the municipal power is missing, and it is basically idle at ordinary times. But when idle, the generator set should be maintained regularly, and the oil and filter should be changed in time. Only in this way can the unit be started with one key when necessary.

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