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The diesel generator set for shopping malls should be maintained every half a year or once a year


Maintenance plan for standby generator set, routine maintenance method: on the basis of routine maintenance. It needs to be maintained every half a year or once a year.

1. Conduct comprehensive inspection on water, electricity, oil and gas of generator set. Confirm whether the generator set is normal.

2. No load test run for 5-10 minutes to fully lubricate the unit. Judge the service condition of the unit by listening, watching and smelling.

3. Replace air filter, diesel oil filter, engine oil filter, oil filter, water filter and filter element of oil-water separator.

4. Replace the cooling liquid and water tank of cooling water tank.

5. Add battery fluid or distilled water.

6. After maintenance, check the unit again and clean it.

7. No load test run for 5-10 minutes, and record the performance parameters of the unit. Put forward reasonable suggestions, customer acceptance.

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