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The electric bright spring breeze warms Jiangsu, and 500KW silent generator sets are shipped


Recently, the 500KW silent generator assembly car independently developed by Huazhong has been sent to Jiangsu province, which, together with the spring breeze, delivers warm electricity to local users.

In the special period, the production pace of Huazhong digital workshop has not stopped, and the project construction is advancing towards the target in full swing. On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, all the staff in China should work backward, strictly implement daily control, make clear the daily work schedule, strengthen supervision and management, and push forward the work process with high standards and strict requirements. In such an environment, The 500KW silent generator set of Huazhong completed the production and went off the production line successfully, and was sent to the location of the user after several tests. With this generator set, the user can rest assured production, electricity worrieless, can also quietly feel the warm spring breeze. At the same time, in order to enable customers to enjoy the best service, Huaquan sets up exclusive files for customers and provides them with personalized services, so that users can not only “use electricity”, but also “use electricity well”.

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Huaquan, focusing on the r&d and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, is an expert of overall power solutions around you.

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