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The function of coolant in diesel generator set


Diesel generator set will produce a lot of heat in the process of operation. The temperature of the diesel engine will also increase. High temperature of diesel engine will lead to low efficiency. Even caused parts to burn. Therefore, the diesel generator set needs a cooling system to cool down. It provides a suitable temperature for the normal operation of diesel engine. The cooling system needs to be filled with coolant to assist in cooling. So what’s the effect of coolant?

The full name of coolant is antifreeze coolant. That is, the coolant with antifreeze effect. The coolant has the functions of anti boiling, anti freezing, anti scaling and anti-corrosion.

1. Anti boiling high temperature protection: In the high load operation of diesel generator, the temperature is too high to ensure premature boiling. The national standard for boiling point of coolant should not be lower than 106 ℃. It is usually above 108 ℃. When the coolant is added to the cooling system and produces pressure, the boiling point is higher.

2. Antifreeze:

For water and ice of the same mass, the volume of ice is larger than that of water. When the temperature is too low. Antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing and cracking parts and engine block. Ensure that the diesel generator set will not be damaged by freezing.

3. Anti scaling: The coolant is recycled if scale is produced in use. The circulating pipe will be blocked and the heat dissipation performance will be reduced. Even damage the diesel generator set. So when choosing the coolant, you must choose the right coolant. For example, deionized water can prevent the coolant from scaling.

4. Anti corrosion:

Most parts of diesel generator set are metal products. Contact with various liquids and exposure to air during operation. It is easy to corrode and rust over time. Reduce the service life and performance of diesel generator set. Therefore, the professional coolant will add anti-corrosion additives. It can prevent the cooling system from corrosion and rust.

If the coolant is used for a long time, the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the coolant must be changed from time to time. To prevent the failure of coolant to cause diesel generator set failure. Usually, change the coolant every one to two years. During this period, it is necessary to check whether the cooling system works normally. Solve and deal with problems in time.

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