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The Hua Full intelligent silent integrated power station was officially put into operation


Obviously can depend on appearance level, want to rely on actual strength unluckily! It is the “HQ SHUTTLE”, an intelligent silent integrated station, which won the second prize in the 4th” Mayor’s Cup “Industrial Design Competition of Weifang city.

“HQ SHUTTLE” — Intelligent silent integrated power station takes intelligent silent power generation equipment as the research object, aiming to solve the problems of noise, waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion and intelligent interconnection of power generation equipment.

The design is inspired by China’s high-speed train, combined with the characteristics of old silent power generation equipment, some high-speed train and other elements, to create a sense of science and technology, high-speed visual sense, has been put into the market, mainly used in hospitals, hotels, schools, the military, municipal engineering, data center and other scenes, broad prospects.

The HQ SHUTTLE is an intelligent silent integrated station

Function is introduced

The unit is 3200mm long, 1130mm wide, 1580mm high and weighs 8 tons. Equipped with automatic digital display control interface, real-time display unit start, stop and running state information; Equipped with ATS automatic controller to realize automatic conversion of mains power and standby power; It is equipped with an enlarged base fuel tank to ensure the unit’s lasting operation; Equipped with unit heat sink, built-in waste heat recovery and reuse system; Equipped with UVWN outlet, etc.

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