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The office for flood control and emergency response to Ⅱ class, please preparations for flood control and supplies in advance!


Xinhuanet client inquiry on July 12, 16, hukou station of poyang lake water level is close to 22.50 meters and the assurance of water level, according to the relevant provisions of the national emergency preplans for flood control and drought relief, after consultation with the judge, the office decided to flood control and emergency response level Ⅲ to Ⅱ level, and issued a notice to related area and requires close monitoring rainfall regime water flood change, timely adjust the level of emergency response, strengthen the implementation of the relevant flood control and flood fighting and disaster relief measures, ensure the safety of the people’s lives and do our best to reduce disaster losses.

Huaquan suggested that flood control materials must be purchased in advance in flood disaster prone areas.

When the flood disaster occurs, flood control materials must be in place ahead of time, and the quality must be reliable, can not drop the chain at the critical time, not to drag its role. This requires us to choose mobile emergency generators and water pump units and other flood control materials, we must identify the products of regular large manufacturers like Hua Quan Power.

Huaquan Power has been engaged in the production and operation of flood control materials for many years, and is committed to creating high-quality mobile emergency power stations and Fangxu water pump units to protect people’s life and property safety.

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