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The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist adjusts the sail to suit the reality


• Make effort a habit, not a habit. Your life will never fail you. Those wrong turns, those wrong roads, those tears, those drops of sweat, those scars, all make you unique.

• Treat others well and you will go further. Treat yourself well and you will nourish your life. No matter who you treat well, in fact, it is warmth in the circulation, it is love in the delay, and finally, those you give to others, but also benefit themselves.

• Effort is an attitude to life, regardless of age. So, whenever, what really inspires you, warms you, and moves you, is not a motivational quote or story, but a positive version of yourself.

• There is no wasted effort in the world, there is no chance of success, all inadvertently inserted, in fact, are all natural. Life is not a road in vain, there is no free to eat bitter, step out of every step, are the cornerstone of the future and paving.

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