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There is no best diesel generator set, only suitable


Many users have doubts about the choice of domestic or imported diesel generator sets. The price of domestic generator set is affordable, and the price of imported generator set is generally on the high side, which is the best? In fact, there is no best, just suitable. Today, let’s compare the domestic generator set with the imported one.

First of all, let’s talk about the quality. Many users are not at ease about the quality of domestic generator sets. In fact, with the rapid development of China’s industrialization. The quality of diesel generator set in our country is very good. Some brands have been sold abroad. The key question is whether the diesel generator set you bought is genuine. It’s imported in time, if it’s a fake. The quality is also very poor. Not to mention the problem of fake goods, many imported generator sets are not as good as those made in China.

From the later maintenance of generator set and the purchase of accessories, diesel generator set is the best quality. I can’t guarantee that there is no fault. Domestic generator set failure maintenance is more convenient, accessories are sold from county-level cities to first tier cities. The characteristic of the imported diesel engine is that it has fewer problems. But I can’t guarantee that there is no fault when I need to replace the parts. But in case of a little failure, it is also relatively difficult to replace parts.

Combining the above two reasons, we can draw a conclusion. There is no best brand for diesel generator set, only suitable brand. Only suitable for their own is the best, I hope to bring you some help!

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