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These eight problems can not be ignored in the installation of 500kW Shangchai generator set


The 500kW Shangchai generator set is developed and produced by Shandong HUAQUAN Power Co., Ltd. It is mainly composed of Shangchai engine, HuaQuan generator and control system. As an emergency (standby) power supply, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, real estate development and other fields, and is deeply trusted and supported by customers. These eight problems must not be ignored when installing and using 500kW Shangchai generator set.

Precautions for unit installation


The installation site of 500kW Shangchai generator set needs to maintain good ventilation.


The installation site should be kept clean and equipped with fire extinguishing devices.


If it is used indoors, the smoke exhaust pipe must be connected to the outdoor.


When concrete is used as the foundation, the levelness must be measured with a level ruler to make the unit fixed on the horizontal foundation.


The shell of Shangchai generator set must be reliably grounded.


The two-way switch between generator and utility must be reliable to prevent reverse power transmission.


The line connection must be firm.


When installing the 500kW Shangchai generator set, it should be adjusted according to the actual situation, but it must comply with the principle of safety first, so that the 500kW Shangchai generator set in HuaQuan can provide safe power supply for everyone and ensure people’s production and living power consumption.

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