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These three principles should be adhered to in troubleshooting the generator set


If the diesel generator set fails to work normally. We need to observe and analyze carefully. So as to make accurate and comprehensive judgment and solve the unit problems efficiently. When troubleshooting, the following three principles should be observed:

finding out the fault of diesel generator set

1. Judge the fault from the overall analysis, and check the fault comprehensively.

The internal structure of diesel generator set is extremely precise. The failure of a part will inevitably affect the operation effect of the whole machine. Therefore, the fault phenomenon cannot be treated in isolation. We should start from the whole and analyze the causes of the faults comprehensively.

2. When finding out the fault of diesel generator set, the disassembly shall be minimized.

When troubleshooting, do not dismantle the components of the generator unit blindly. Before disassembly, it is necessary to understand the fault parts and structural principles of the unit. Reduce unnecessary disassembly. To avoid additional damage to the unit.

3. When finding the unit fault. We should take such measures as “seeing, listening, touching and smelling”. Carry out all-round inspection.

Generator unit workshop

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