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Three points must be kept in mind when buying generator set


Generator set is widely used in our life. For example, epidemic prevention hospitals, residential areas and other fields can be used. However, there are many brands of generator sets in the market. In order to buy the right products and avoid being arbitraged, please remember the following three points.

1. Do not only pursue low price, but also depend on product quality.

Customers are more concerned about the price when purchasing the generator set. There are many factors that affect the unit price. For example, what brand of engine, generator, power, etc. All of these will affect the unit price.

Therefore, we should not only pursue the low price of generating units. Let’s see what we need. What functions do you want to achieve? Purchase on demand.

2.Check the label and appearance of the generator set.

A qualified generator set shall have corresponding certificates. Such as production license, product certificate, etc. Secondly, the “appearance” of the generator set can also reflect the product quality. , we can check whether the exterior paint is up to the standard, whether the functional area is reasonable, and whether the material selection is thick.

3. Purchase directly from regular manufacturers.

When selecting the generator set, we can directly go to the manufacturer for purchase. This can reduce the intermediate links and save a lot of costs. It can also guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

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