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Tips for battery maintenance of diesel generator


Battery is an important part of generator set. What are the tips for regular maintenance?

1. Wipe the outside of the battery with a damp cloth.

Wipe the dust, oil stain and white powder on the panel and pile head (i.e. the positive and negative poles). This often cleans the battery. The pile head of the battery will not accumulate white acid corrosion powder. Its service life will be longer.

2. Open the battery water cap and check whether the water level is in the normal position.

Generally, there will be upper and lower limit markings on the side of the battery for your reference. If it is found that the water level is lower than the bottom line. You have to add distilled water. If you can’t get distilled water. Filtered tap water can be used for emergency. Don’t add too much water. The standard is added to the middle of the upper and lower markings.

3. Check whether the battery is charging normally.

If there are three meters. After starting the engine. Measure the voltage between the two poles of the battery. It must exceed 13V to be normal. The charging voltage was found to be too low. Need to ask professional personnel to overhaul the charging system. If there is no triple meter. Visual inspection: after the engine starts. Open the battery water cap. See if there are bubbles in each cell. The normal condition is that there are bubbles coming out of the water. And the more you add fuel, the more you risk. If you find no bubbles. That’s probably something wrong with the charging system. In particular, hydrogen will be produced during this test. Therefore, do not smoke when testing. To avoid the risk of explosion and fire.

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