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Tips on fuel saving of diesel generator set


Diesel generator set as a power generation equipment. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, port, airport and other fields.”If you don’t accumulate small steps, you can’t build a river without accumulating small streams.”. We should transform such spiritual savings into all aspects of production and life.

Then in the use of diesel generator set. How to achieve environmental protection skills? The most important step is how to save fuel. Let’s take a look at some tips on fuel saving of diesel generator sets:

1. Diesel oil purification

Diesel oil contains many minerals and impurities. If not precipitate, filter and purify. It will affect the operation of plunger and needle. This leads to uneven supply. Poor fuel atomization. The engine power is reduced. Fuel consumption increased.Therefore, HuaQuan staff suggested that the diesel oil should be put on for a period of time.Let the impurities precipitate. And filter with filter funnel. Then clean or replace the filter regularly. In order to achieve the purpose of purification.

2. Remove carbon deposits

Diesel engine in operation. It is connected to the top of polymer gas valve, valve seat, fuel injector and piston. At this time, Coke will increase fuel consumption. It should be removed in time.

3. Don’t overload the generator set

When the machine is overloaded, it will emit black smoke. This is the emission of incomplete combustion fuel. The machine is often smoky. This will increase fuel consumption. It will also shorten the service life of some components.

4. Keep the water temperature

The cooling water temperature of diesel engine set is too low. Make the diesel fuel burn incompletely. It affects the normal operation of generator set. It’s also a waste of fuel. Therefore, the heat shield should be used correctly. Pay attention to the cooling water. Use deionized water softeners, such as river water flow.

5. Regular inspection and timely maintenance ly

Check the equipment regularly. Firmly establish the concept. Don’t let the machine work with disease.

Only do a good job in environmental protection and energy conservation. In order to better use the diesel generator set. Maximize the energy of the unit.

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