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Troubleshooting generator sets


If the diesel generator set cannot work normally, we need to carefully observe and analyze, so as to make accurate and comprehensive judgment and solve the problems of the set efficiently. When troubleshooting, follow the following three principles:

  1. Fault judgment should be analyzed as a whole, and fault detection should be comprehensive.

The internal structure of diesel generator set is very precise. Failure of one part will inevitably affect the operation effect of the whole machine. Therefore, the failure phenomenon can not be viewed in isolation, from the overall perspective, a comprehensive analysis of the cause of the failure.

  1. When looking for faults of diesel generator set, disassembly shall be reduced as much as possible.

When troubleshooting, do not blindly dismantle the components of the generator set. Before dismantling, you must first understand the fault location, structure and principle of the unit, so as to reduce unnecessary dismantling, so as not to cause additional damage to the unit.

  1. When looking for unit fault, “see, hear, touch, smell” and other means should be adopted to carry out all-round inspection.
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