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Under what circumstances do 300 kW pump units need to be overhauled?


Users have been using the 300 kW diesel engine water pump for several years. If you find a little problem, you have to overhaul it. In fact, that’s wrong. There are many reasons for overhaul. The following are the five cases that need to be overhauled for the 300 kW drainage diesel engine water pump:

1. The fuel consumption and oil consumption of diesel engine increase significantly. The phenomenon is black smoke.

2. The internal cylinder liner and piston ring of diesel engine are seriously worn. Cylinder ovality, taper, clearance between piston and cylinder. The ovality of crankshaft journal and connecting rod journal exceeds the specified limit.

3. The diesel engine doesn’t work well. After acceleration, it decreased significantly and became unstable. The sound changes suddenly and the exhaust smoke is black.

4. It is difficult to start the pump of 300 kW diesel engine at normal temperature. Crankshaft bearing during operation. The connecting rod bearing and piston pin have knocking sound.

5. When the temperature of diesel engine is normal. The cylinder pressure is less than 70% of the specified pressure.

The following conditions occur in the 300 kW water pump unit, which needs to be overhauled:

1. The inner diameter of water pump cylinder liner of 300 kW drainage diesel engine is seriously worn. Its roundness or cylindricity reaches or exceeds the use limit. The roundness can reach 0.05-0.063 mm under normal conditions. The cylindricity is 0.175-0.250 mm. The multi cylinder diesel engine is based on the worn cylinder.

2. The crankshaft journal and connecting rod journal are seriously worn. Its roundness or cylindricity has reached or exceeded the specified limit value.

3. The cylinder pressure decreased significantly. Below 75% of rated pressure. There is abnormal noise in the cylinder. And the noise still does not disappear after the machine is heated.

4. The fuel consumption of fuel and lubricating oil exceeded the standard seriously. The oil pressure drops and the exhaust smoke.

5. It is difficult to start or even shut down during operation. When the water temperature is 60 ℃, it can not start smoothly.

6. The power decreased significantly. At maximum throttle. The power of diesel engine is less than 75% of rated power.

7. The temperature in the crankcase increased significantly. The diesel engine vent and oil filler emit mist smoke. The exhaust gas contains oil.

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