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Use innovative research to lead the high-quality development of power generation equipment industry!


Recently, according to the characteristics of the power generation equipment industry and the development experience of enterprises, experts from the Key Laboratory of Huaquan have carried out in-depth studies from the perspective of planning and development, and the following three trends have been preliminarily formed:

Trend 1: Electricity plays an important role in people’s life. Power generation equipment provides an important guarantee to meet people’s electricity demand.

In recent years, with the changing society, China’s electricity consumption has been the highest in the world, huge volume, annual net increment is very handsome, must dialectically understand new normal to our country economy development the profound influence of the electric power demand growth, clear to high-end manufacturing as a representative of the second industry, represented by modern service industry of the third industry, electricity, and the new urbanization utilized by people will gradually replace energy intensive industry, become the pull of China’s electricity demand growth momentum, is the key direction of output power equipment industry.

Trend 2: Deepening supply-side structural reform and leading the development of green and low-carbon cycle are the inevitable requirements for the construction of ecological civilization in the power generation equipment industry.

The power generation equipment industry has made outstanding contributions to promoting supply-side structural reform and promoting green transformation of industrial structure, space structure, energy structure and consumption mode, playing an important role in protecting and improving China’s ecological environment. In the future, green, low-carbon and circular development will still be the only way for the power generation equipment industry to promote China’s high-quality economic development and ecological civilization construction.

Trend 3: Seize the historic opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, and deeply integrate innovation and cutting-edge technologies. It is an important task for the power generation equipment industry to implement the major strategy of becoming a scientific and technological power. Power equipment industry as an important industry support social and economic development, bear the obligations and responsibilities of the development of advanced planning, must grab, relying on the inherent technology base, strengthen the depth of fusion with cutting-edge technology, vigorously promote the development of power generation equipment innovation, shine in the new round of technological revolution, earnestly implement the power of science and technology major strategic.

Cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, 5 g, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies based on traditional physical architecture power generation equipment, all kinds of resources will be dispersed phase polymerization, realize the dynamic optimization combination, improve operation quality and efficiency of power generation equipment industry, creating new patterns such as intelligent power generation equipment, a huge potential for development of power generation equipment.

In the future, with the further implementation of the One Belt And One Road initiative, huachun will strengthen international cooperation in consultation, project construction, investment, intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological research and development, and provide the best solutions for global power.

China as a national high-tech enterprises, the national intellectual property advantage enterprises, shandong gazelle, high-end equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises, weifang, shandong province, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, weifang benchmarking intelligent manufacturing model enterprise “, “advanced enterprise of weifang economic development zone, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent electric power equipment, is a professional mechanical and electrical installation project construction contract, etc, in the international energy equipment market have set up a good brand image.

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