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What are the characteristics of HuaQuan generating units?


HuaQuan power generation unit adopts advanced process control, fully applies new materials and new processes, bringing excellent performance of products and ensuring high reliability of products. At the same time, it has also obtained the product certification of world famous international organizations.

1. HuaQuan generator set has perfect protection function;

2. Different power solutions can be designed and customized according to different voltage, frequency and power requirements of customers;

3. Wide power coverage (6 ~ 3000kva), equipped with international famous brands of engines and generators to ensure strong power;

4. The circuit control system adopts the international top configuration, which meets the European and American industry standards to ensure the operation more safe, stable and efficient;

5. It can start quickly in 15 seconds with full load;

6. Compact structure design, easy to lift transport turnover of the drag hole;

7. It can be equipped with bottom oil tank and sandblasting pretreatment to prolong the outdoor service life of paint surface;

8. The control system adopts international professional brand module, which is easy to operate and stable in performance;

9. Rich optional functions: ATS interface, heavy load connector, fast docking ATS cabinet, parallel system, low temperature heating system, tropical oil tank, etc.

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