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What are the comprehensive advantages of HuaQuan generating set?


There are many levels of single unit capacity, ranging from several thousand watts to several megawatts, to meet the power demand of different industries.

HuaQuan power generation unit supporting equipment has compact structure and flexible installation.

The thermal efficiency of generator set is high (thermal efficiency is 30% – 46%), and fuel consumption is low.

HuaQuan power generation unit starts rapidly, and it only takes a few seconds to reach the rated power operation condition. In case of emergency, it can drive the full load operation within one minute. The shutdown process is short, and it can be started and stopped frequently.

HuaQuan generator set adopts rotary diesel, oil filter and dry air filter. The unit has stable and reliable performance, strong adaptability to three high environments and reliable and durable operation, because there is no ignition system and low failure.

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