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What are the conditions for standby power supply of generator set in hotel?


Hotel is a must for our daily accommodation. The supporting facilities of large hotels are extremely luxurious. Play well and live well to provide better service for guests. Hotel generator set has become a necessary standby power supply. What kind of generator set should the hotel choose?

1. The power of diesel generator set must be able to meet the demand of power failure.

The output power can reach the total output power of all elevators and fire pumps.

2. The diesel generator set must have the function of automatic starting and automatic switching.

In case of emergency power failure. The generator must be able to start automatic generation within 30 seconds. Automatic switch on, can be standby fire pump and elevator, can be used normally.

3. The diesel generator set used in hotel must also meet certain environmental requirements.Especially noise. The noise of general open rack generator set is above 105 dB. If the power generation is normal. It can not meet the environmental requirements of hotel noise. Therefore, noise reduction must be carried out.

There are two ways to reduce noise in hotels. One is to make the generator set silent directly. Another noise reduction method is noise reduction of generator room, which is more suitable for large hotels. The generator set is relatively large. But the cost of noise reduction in the computer room is relatively high.

The generator in the hotel must meet the characteristics of the hotel. HuaQuan power ultra quiet generator set has advanced technology, reasonable matching, elegant appearance and excellent performance! There is a big difference between Hotel generator set and industrial generator. Therefore, customers need to fully consider when purchasing generator sets.

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