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What are the key points for attention when using generator set in rainstorm and humid environment?


1. Environmental requirements

(1) Rain proof measures shall be taken for outdoor units. Equipped with rain proof shed, sound box, etc.

(2) The shell of the unit must be reliably grounded. For generators requiring direct grounding of neutral point. Neutral grounding must be carried out by professionals.

(3) If the machine is used in lightning prone areas, please configure lightning protection device.

(4) Please do not place the unit at a low altitude. A place where water tends to accumulate if the foundation is not firm (earth ground).

(5) A machine placed in a basement. It is necessary to do a good job in basement drainage and dampproof.

2. Treatment method for water inflow of generator set

(1) When water is found in the unit. If the machine is working, it should be shut down immediately. Stop state, do not start.

(2) Then lift one side of the diesel generator with a hard object. Make the oil drain part of the generator oil pan in a lower position. Screw the drain plug and pull out the oil dipstick. The water in the oil pan will flow out by itself. When the oil is just about to be drained. Let the oil and water drain part together, and then screw on the drain plug.

(3) Remove the air cleaner. Replace the new filter element and soak it in oil.

(4) Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler. Remove the water inside and crank the diesel engine. Pay attention to whether water is discharged from the air inlet and outlet. If water is drained, continue to rotate the crankshaft. Until the water in the cylinder is finished. Removed parts. During installation, add a little oil into the air inlet. Crank the crankshaft a few revolutions and install the air cleaner.

(5) If the machine has a long time of water inflow, the flywheel is difficult to rotate. It may indicate that the cylinder liner and piston ring are rusty. In this case, it should be disassembled, inspected and derusted before assembling. If the rust is serious. Relevant parts need to be replaced.

(6) Take care to remove the tank. Then drain all the oil and water.

(7) Check the diesel filter and oil pipe for water. If there is, remove it.

(8) Clean the fuel tank and diesel filter. Then replace it and connect the oil circuit. Fill the tank with clean diesel oil.

(9) Drain the water tank and water channel. After that, the water channel is cleaned. Add clean water or boiled pure water until the water float rises.

After completing the above steps

Check the condition of oil, diesel and coolant. Turn on the throttle switch and start the diesel engine. If everything is normal after starting the diesel engine, run in the diesel engine (first at idle speed, then at medium speed and then at high speed). Each running speed is about 5 minutes). After running in, stop and drain the oil. Refill with new oil. Start the diesel engine and run at medium speed for 5min. It can be used normally.

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