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What are the noise sources of diesel generator set?


The noise of diesel generator set mainly includes aerodynamic noise. Exhaust noise. The sound of fuel burning and exploding in the cylinder. The mechanical noise of reciprocating motion of piston. The air flow sound of the cooling fan and the battery sound of the generator, etc.

The noise generated by diesel generator set is as follows:

1. Aerodynamic noise

It refers to the low-frequency noise produced by air pressure fluctuation in the intake pipe. Air pump noise of supercharged internal combustion engine. Among them, the intake noise of supercharged internal combustion engine is the strongest.

2. Exhaust noise

It refers to the low and medium frequency noise produced by the pressure fluctuation of exhaust gas in the exhaust pipe. High frequency eddy current noise of exhaust valve flow section. Among them, the non supercharged internal combustion engine is the strongest.

3. Cooling fan noise

Air noise caused by air blowing by cooling fan.

4. Combustion noise

The change of the gas pressure in the cylinder and the shock wave. Noise caused by high frequency vibration. Through the internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head and other structures to the outside world.

5. Mechanical noise

It increases rapidly with the increase of rotating speed. Including: piston knocking noise. Valve mechanism noise. Including noise generated by valve vibration. The knocking sound produced by the movement of a door. The door clearance causes knocking noise of push post, push rod, rocker arm and valve contact. Gear noise. Vibration and impact noise generated by gear transmission.

6. Noise generated by generator

There are electromagnetic noise and fan noise caused by cooling fan disturbing air.

7. Structural support noise

Vibration caused by mechanical transmission to or from the support structure and quick connect structure. The size of the noise depends on the balance degree, anti vibration material, quality and the automatic frequency of the structure itself.

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