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What are the reasons for the failure of diesel generator set to stop


The possible causes for the failure of the generator set to stop include:

  1. Generator unit shutdown solenoid valve out of control;

2. The governor of the diesel engine fails;

3. The operation error may be that the control panel first turns off the key switch and then presses the stop button;

4. Generator control instrument failure;

5. If the solenoid valve for generator unit shutdown is out of control. Then you can check whether the wiring is correct. Replace the solenoid valve if necessary.

Generator manufacturers kindly remind: summer is coming, the temperature rises, diesel generator frequency will increase. Let’s not wait until we’re ready to wipe our guns. At ordinary times, necessary maintenance of diesel generator set shall be done well. In this way, the diesel generator will not fail.

1. Check and maintain the diesel generator set regularly.

Carefully maintain and repair, and regularly check and adjust valve clearance, injection pressure, oil supply time, etc. And timely eliminate the scale and dirt of the cooling water jacket.

2. Remove carbon deposits in time.

When the diesel engine is running, the high temperature of the relevant parts in the combustion process causes the ash carbon polymer to adhere to the valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle, piston top and other places. If not cleaned in time, it will increase the fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of Cummins generator.

3. Regularly remove some minerals or impurities deposited at the bottom of the tank after use.

If not cleaned regularly, it will affect the normal operation of plunger and injector head. The phenomenon of incorrect oil supply time, uneven oil supply and poor oil atomization is caused. This results in increased fuel consumption.

4. Maintain a certain water temperature.

The cooling water temperature of diesel engine is kept at about 45-65 ℃. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of diesel oil and increase the load of the machine itself. The cooling water should not abuse sewage, muddy water or rainwater.

5. Do not overload.

Overload operation makes a considerable part of diesel oil turn into black smoke. The fuel consumption is increased without the effective energy. At the same time, the service life of relevant parts will be shortened.

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