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What are the signs before the diesel generator set goes wrong?


Diesel generators are using fast cycling. Causes the heat to rise rapidly. What are the symptoms before the diesel generator fails? Now let’s look at it.

1. Symptoms of valve dropping

The valve falls into the cylinder. It is usually caused by valve stem cracking, valve seat cracking, valve lock clamp falling and other reasons. “When part of the cylinder head declares” when “knock (piston hits valve). “Click” collision sound (piston hitting valve) or other abnormal sound. Engines tend to be unstable. This is often a symptom of valve drop. At this point, it should immediately abort the shutdown. Otherwise, the piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner will be broken. Even zigzag connecting rod, broken valve body, broken crankshaft.

2. Symptoms of “speeding”

Before “flying car.”. Diesel generators usually have blue smoke, fuel burning or unstable speed. The speed of diesel engine is not controlled by throttle valve. Until the rated speed is exceeded. A lot of black or blue smoke occurs. If it is not sensitive to cut off oil and gas. Engine speed will continue to improve. Engine speed will continue to improve. The exhaust pipe will be filled with smoke. Speed will be out of control, leading to major accidents.

3. Symptoms of tile burning

The speed of the small diesel generator suddenly dropped. The load increases and the engine smokes. The oil pressure drops. The crankcase announced the “chirp” noise. This is a symptom of burning tiles. under these circumstances. Start the generator set and shut it down immediately. Otherwise, it will further aggravate the bearing wear. The journal surface will be sensitive to scratch and expansion. The bearing and journal will soon stick. The engine will shut down.

4. Symptoms of tamping

Tamping cylinder is a destructive mechanical failure. Except the tamping cylinder formed by valve lowering cylinder. Most of them are caused by loose connecting rod bolts. After the connecting rod bolts are loosened or stretched. The cooperative clearance of the connecting rod bearing increases. At this time, the knocking sound of “tap dance” can be heard in the crankcase. The percussion sound changes from small to large. The connecting rod bolt is completely dropped or cracked. Throw out the connecting rod and bearing cap. Make small diesel generator body and related parts crack.

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