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What causes the white smoke of diesel generator set?


The black and white smoke of generator set is abnormal.

When the diesel generator is in use. Some users encounter white smoke from the machine. White smoke from the diesel generator set. In fact, it refers to the moisture in the exhaust gas or contains fuel components that are not fully burned. The white smoke is in liquid state.

So, what are the causes of white smoke?

Causes of white smoke from diesel generator set:

1. When the generator set is just started or in cold state. White smoke from the exhaust pipe. It is due to the low temperature in the cylinder of diesel generator set and the formation of oil vapor evaporation. This phenomenon is particularly common in winter. Because of the cold weather in winter, the diesel generator set is running. The temperature of diesel engine and exhaust pipe is low. Hot water vapor condenses to form “white smoke”.

2. During the operation of diesel generator set. The atomized diesel fuel injected into the cylinder is discharged before it is fully burned.

3. The cylinder liner of generator set is cracked or the cylinder gasket is damaged. With the increase of cooling water temperature and pressure. Cooling water enters the cylinder. It is easy to form water mist or steam when the unit exhausts.

4. The oil supply advance angle is too small.

5. Unit fuel supply system failure. The fuel supply time is late and the combustion time of available fuel is short. As a result, the fuel will not burn completely during the working stroke. When the exhaust valve of diesel generator set is opened. Part of the fuel is discharged from the exhaust pipe.

6. The needle valve of the unit injector is stuck in the open position. Or the injector pressure adjustment spring is broken.

7. The plunger coupling parts of the unit are worn. The sealing is reduced.

When the user friend is emitting white smoke from the diesel generator set. Check to see if there are any of the reasons mentioned above. Deal with it in time. If you don’t understand something. Consult HuaQuan factory staff.

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