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What is the performance of HuaQuan automatic diesel generator set?


Automatic diesel generator set is automatic start. The standby group meets the operation standard of various parameters. It can be switched automatically by double power switch. No manual operation is required. But we must use automatic control module and add a set of automatic transfer ATS switch cabinet.

So, what are the specific performance of automatic diesel generator set? Here, HuaQuan power will discuss with you the following issues:

In case of power failure, the automatic diesel generator set will start automatically to generate electricity and supply power. City electricity calls, after returning to normal. Automatic switch to city power supply. The unit stops automatically and enters the quasi start state. The control system can automatically detect and monitor the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, speed and other signals of diesel generator set. The diesel generator set failed. Sound and light alarm is given. And take a series of protective measures. The diesel generator set was started three times. The sound and light alarm will be sent out after three times of starting failure. Automatic diesel generator set is generally used in units with special requirements for power demand. The selected automatic generator set generally has the functions of self start, self stop and three remote control. It can collect voltage, current, power, temperature, pressure and other parameters. It is a reliable backup power supply.

A. When an automatic generating set and grid power are used alternately

Set the diesel generator set to automatic mode. The starting battery is supplemented with continuous charging. Ensure that the utility power can be started in time when the power is cut off.

B. When two automatic diesel generator sets are used alternately power

Set the operation time of single unit. And set up the main and standby units. When runtime is reached. The other generator set starts automatically. And alternate operation.

C. When several automatic generating units are running in parallel and the utility power is running alternately

When the mains power is cut off, the generator set will start automatically. When one generator set is running warm. The next generator set starts automatically. When all generating units are running successfully. Automatic switch on and automatic parallel operation.

D. Automatic diesel generator sets have high requirements on environment

The requirements of environmental factors and mechanical properties of automatic generator set are relatively high. In the construction of computer room. The necessary design must be carried out according to the relevant parameters of the generator set.

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