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What parts are needed for biogas generator set in farm?


1. Biogas desulfurization, pressure stabilizing and explosion-proof equipment:

The biogas for the engine should pass through the desulfurization equipment first. In order to reduce the corrosion of hydrogen sulfide to the engine. On the gas inlet pipe of biogas equipment. To avoid backfire of intake pipe. Anti backfire and explosion-proof equipment shall be installed on the main biogas pipe.

2. Air conditioning system:

On the intake manifold. It is necessary to set up a set of accurate and flexible gas mixer. It can regulate the mixture of air and biogas.

3. Starter incineration system:

The burning speed of biogas is slow. It is necessary to transform the incineration system of the starter to a certain extent. It can improve the incineration power and reduce the post incineration appearance. Extend working life.

4. Speed control system:

If the biogas generating set works independently. That is to use electrical equipment as the load to work. The load of generator will be shaken by the incorporation and unloading of electrical equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the generator set. The speed control system of biogas engine is essential.

5. Preheating application system:

Select preheating equipment. The heat in engine cooling water and exhaust is used. Improve the power utilization of biogas.

6. Grid connected control system:

It mainly includes voltage regulating circuit of generator. Active quasi synchronization parallel control circuit. The biogas generator set and column control circuit are widened manually. Measuring circuit, gas engine and auxiliary equipment control circuit.

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